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Classic Tex Mex Enchiladas

Classic Tex Mex Enchiladas

Hi Y’all!  Do you love Enchiladas? This is classic Tex-Mex, and you will find it on practically every menu at a Mexican restaurant in Texas! I recently had the opportunity to cook my enchiladas for the lovely folks at Miele Switzerland and Betty Bossi. The contest was to enter your favorite recipe, and then if chosen, have a professional stylist and food photographer work their magic on it. I am so pleased with this photo!! The photo was styled by Claudia Schilling (IG and photographed by Marco Zaugg (IG @bilderkueche)

And, they have also put the recipe on their website (in German)

Please do let me know if you cook them and leave me a comment!

Enchiladas, by Stacy Streuli (recipe in German)

Original recipe by me on the LoveToShare website, click above, or download a PDF (German) here:


photo courtesy of Miele Switzerland and Betty Bossi 

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