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Upcoming Cooking Events with LSK (April/May 2018)

Upcoming Cooking Events with LSK (April/May 2018)

Want to know what’s happening at Lone Star Kitchen? Here are our upcoming events!  Where possible, I’ve noted where/how to attend.


27 May 2018

Farm-to-Table American Brunch – with Food Zürich


I am so excited to be a part of FOOD ZÜRICH, an 11 day event celebrating food across Zürich! I will be hosting a Farm-to-Table Brunch. The theme for this year’s Food Zürich is “Sustainability” and under this motto, I will be sourcing all (or almost all) of my ingredients from local farms and producers. From local coffee roasters, to local flour mills, to pork, and eggs – all that we need can be found right here in the Züri-Unterland.

“Farm to Table American Brunch” combines the classic food elements of the American brunch experience with the high quality of ingredients produced locally in Switzerland. From locally ground flour, locally grown fruits and vegetables, to locally raised meats, eggs, and dairy products, this brunch focused on American favorites will provide the guest an experience they will most certainly enjoy.


This brunch will take place at the gorgeous open-air Hof at the Neues Kino in 8427 Freienstein, ZH

photo by Kevin Rechsteiner
photo by Kevin Rechsteiner

28 April 2018

Bahnwagen Beiz – Flüchtlingstisch Embrachertal

The Flüchtlingstisch is an organization that supports the refugees living in the Embrachertal. In the Bahnwagen Beiz the refugees learn cooking and serving skills, helping them in a possible future career in food service.

On 28 April I will cook a Spanish themed evening with the refugees!

1st course:  Spanish Omelette (Tortilla Española) with Green Salad

2nd course:  Arroz Con Pollo (Saffron Rice with Chicken, Ham, and Peas)

Vegetarian option with chickpeas (Kirchererbsen)

3rd course:  Dulce de Leche Pots de Creme (Caramel creme)

To reserve a spot: 

Cost is a suggested donation to cover expenses 


5 May 2018

Tex-Mex Cooking Course – Basics

In this course, we will cover all the basics of Tex-Mex cooking. We will talk about spices, marinades, where to buy all your ingredients, and more.

To start : 2 types of Margaritas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (5th of May)!

Appetizers: Pico de Gallo (fresh salsa) and Guacamole

Main course: Enchiladas and Fajitas

Dessert: Mexican Chocolate Pie

To sign up:

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